A Note from the Founder

Hey ladies!

Are you tired of walking into the pro shop and seeing your husband get all the cool gear?! In a tiny back corner lies the women’s section. A dedicated section so minimal it almost feels like we’re an afterthought. I decided I don’t want to be an afterthought, I want to make a statement! Why should we settle for plain, mediocre gear? It’s time we stop settling and start owning our look on the course. Calliope brings you a whole new form of golfleisure attire coupled with a new attitude toward the game and we hope you join in on the fun because we’re gonna turn some heads!

My inspiration behind Calliope isn’t just to create a brand, it’s to create a sisterhood linking golf + life.  I wanted to create a brand that takes a fun and laid-back approach toward golf. A brand that speaks to women, one that inspires women and brings us together through a game that is so challenging, so frustrating, yet so fun, that in its own way it resembles life itself. The modern woman is a busy one in a very chaotic and demanding world. It’s so important to have a strong support system to lean on, to laugh with, to share your stories. Surround yourself with positive people who share similar passions and simply enjoy the beauty of the game together. So maybe you’re not the best golfer out there (and kudos to you if you are). If we’re not going to be the best golfer we might as well be the best dressed, have fun and share some good laughs while doing it!

As a mom of two very busy boys I'm all about function. All of my designs for Calliope were created with you in mind, the modern woman who wants to have fun and let go. I’ve created accessories that are ACTUALLY functional. Let’s be real, who loves to lift her skirt up just to pull her ball marker out of her pocket (and also struggle to get it out of those tight spandex)?! Who else would like to have her phone on her while golfing just in case that pressing work call comes through or the sitter has a crucial question like just how much tv time is actually allowed? I know we’re all busy ladies, so why not have some gear that’s functional and allows us to never miss a beat even while on the course? 

With Calliope you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. Golf is evolving and is so much more than just a game. The relationships built on the golf course can be everlasting. Make an everlasting impression and look good doing it. Build a positive community with us. Let’s turn some heads together. Let’s make our own headlines. Let’s freshen up the women’s golf world. Why should the guys get to have all the fun (and all the retail space)?! Join our Calliope Crew and let’s own it ladies!


"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots, but you have to play where the ball lies."

Bobby Jones